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VM Jewellers was founded on the principles of quality and purity. We believe in the cultural role of the jeweller in serving people throughout their joyous moments and celebrations of life. We encourage true craftsmanship because we believe that pure artistry touches the innermost corners of hearts and binds the strings of relations evermore closely.

We are rooted in our traditional values and also reach out to the youth since they are the future who will carry this forward.

Most importantly, we believe that quality is not only in the substance we provide but is enhanced by the hearts that serve our customers across boundaries.

We wish to become a brand synonymous with ASSURANCE, CLARITY and PURITY.

Vadilal Maganlal Jewellers is situated in the heart of the steel city of Jamshedpur from where it has gratified people need for jewellery for all occasions for the last ninety-one years. These years of uncompromised quality and sincere service have earned Vadilal Maganlal jee several generations of customers, a trusted name in the eastern region and beyond but most importantly innumerable relations to share joyous occasions with.

We also have a unique & fancy collection of Diamond jewellery of VVS Clarity and G-H Colour & it's certified by INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE (IGI) INDIA.




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